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    Our mission is to provide a one-stop platform to ensure delivery of the right product at the right time to satisfying our customers.Globally we shell serve the apparel industry and give our clients reason to smile.

    We, therefore, aim to provide high quality materials through effective communication and monitoring regimes to establishing a successful relationship between all the partners in the Global market.

    We take purdent activities and decision to prove best performance to customer's front.

  • About Us

    We are GUOMEI - F F Enterprise is a family established Oeko-tex certified interlinings & shoulder pads manufacturing units in China and supplying our products globally. F F Enterprise the Bangladesh part of this family. Our commitment , quality & delivery reflects the distinctive identity of reliable source of total interlining solution. So, once customer place the order then we supply all items together & need minimum follow up from customer end. We believe in "Quality first. Service always".

    We realize the time frame of production lead time of apperel industry by effective communication with each customer. So, we supply goods faster to meet customer schedule.

    We can give any decision instantly due to handling own business. As a result customers are comfortable & satisfied. We provide complete package of interlinings as per buyer requirement.

    Interlinings: We use best raw materials to produce chemically perfect and safe products to meet the human-ecological requirement. So, our products pass all test requirements of European & US buyers.We can supply all types of interlinings as a package as below:

    * Non woven fusible interlining
    * Double dot non woven fusible interlining
    * Plain weave woven fusible interlining
    * Twill weave woven fusible interlining
    * Weft insert fusible interlining
    * Circular knitting fusible interlining
    * Super thin & light weight fusible interlining
    * Stretched fusible interlinings
    * Hair cloth canvas
    *Padding & Felts
    *Sleeve head roll
    *Armhole tape
    * Adhesive tape

  • Interlining
    We provide complete range of interlinings which ensure perfect inner condition and life of your apparel products.
  • Sholder Pads

    We supply all types of washable & non washable shoulder pads to maintain the shape retantion and optimum bounce.
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    45 B. B. Avenue, Room-172,
    Ramna Bhaban (3rd floor),
    Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    Tel: +8802-9565150
    Mobile: +880-1714112946
    Email: info@ffenterprise.com
    Website: www.ffenterprise.com